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BlackMountainTrailRace One of my goals last year was to run the Las Vegas Strip Half Marathon and I was excited about the challenge. I only had about six weeks to accomplish my goal with no prior running experience. After registering for the race, I signed up to train with Paige. She was able to provide personalized training for endurance running that would make me stronger, avoid injury and was appropriate for my age and present fitness level. I am so proud that I was able to complete the Las Vegas race and have so much fun. It would not have been possible without the help and training from Paige. | Mark Y. – Carlsbad, CA

I came to Paige because I was tired of waking up and feeling miserable in the morning at the ripe old age of 34! She assessed my goals and explained that her approach would incorporate not only cardio and strength training, but also address diet. I had tried personal training before, but nothing as comprehensive as this. Paige also took the time to learn about my back surgery I had at 17 years of age and was careful to design a program that would not injure or discourage me. A few months ago I was a blob with little muscle strength and a lot of back pain. Not only have I lost weight, but I’m stronger than I’ve felt in years! Paige has been a pivotal figure in changing my health, and has become a great friend. I would recommend her strongly to anyone who wants to make their health a priority. We only have one life and one body! Be good to yourself. TOP QUALITIES: GREAT RESULTS, PERSONABLE, GOOD VALUE Jessica P. – Scripps Ranch, CA

After years of unsuccessfully trying to exercise with fibromyalgia, I decided to hire a professional. Paige listened carefully to my needs and designed exercises that did not flare up my fibromyalgia. That to Paige’s well thought out exercise program, I can exercise and feel stronger than I have in a long time.Cheryl M. – Scripps Ranch, CA

Paige is a wonderful personal trainer. She has worked with me in my home for over 4 years, twice a week and is always on time. I don’t have a lot of fancy exercise equipment, but that doesn’t faze her. Paige is extremely knowledgeable about the human body, sensitive to my particular problems and needs and has a fantastic library of exercises in her head. Since she remembers what we’ve recently done, there is always great variety in what we do. My program includes cardiovascular, strengthening, and balance. It never gets boring! Paige is patient but persistent and never loses sight of our goals. And to top it all off, she is conscientious, kind, good-natured and likeable, easy to talk with and attractive. An unbeatable combination!Caroline D. – Solana Beach, CA

Paige has helped me achieve goals in several areas including distance running and weight maintenance. She is a constant inspiration and I would recommend her to anyone for your health and nutrition needs.Brian S. – Cincinnati, OH

Paige has been my trainer for about a year and she has really delivered! I had back surgery a few years ago and I needed a trainer with a real knowledge of physiology who could help me improve tone and definition while not allowing me to re-injure my back. With Paige’s trained guidance I was able to build strength and definition without further back symptoms. Paige structured my workouts to provide decompression for my back while letting me build muscle. Paige’s approach to training was just what I was looking for. She is warm, enthusiastic, straightforward and directive but allows her clients input into developing theri own exercise regimes. Paige’s thorough documentation is a further reflection of her professionalism. Overall Paige is the opposite of what you find at most gyms—she is well trained, consistently focused on her clients ans individuals, and her warm but tough personality makes working out a real pleasure.Dr. Joel S. – San Diego, CA

I wasn’t able to connect with other trainers. Paige was the answer! Because of her skill level, encouragement, and focus on my needs, I have been a fan for three years and counting!JoAnn L. – San Diego, CA



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